About TurkPrime

TurkPrime was developed to make research on Amazon Mechanical Turk easier.

Meet the Team

Jonathan Robinson

Chief Technology Officer

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Robinson is a full stack architect with experience in development and deployment of web and system applications using Microsoft technologies and Amazon Web Services for financial services, healthcare and educational clients.

Leib Litman

Chief Research Officer

Research Interests

Dr. Litman’s research interests include the development of electronic applications (apps) for improving cardiovascular health, the study of trauma - particularly among minority groups, experimental philosophy of linguistics, explicit and implicit bias, and implicit mechanisms underlying intuition.

Tzvi Abberbock

Software Engineer


Tzvi graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2014, summa cum laude with departmental honors from Lander College for Men, a division of Touro College.


I love to develop and design innovative and creative ways to solve complex problems

Mike Miller

Customer Support Manager


I love to help out users on TurkPrime and keep them up to date regarding all of the innovative and exciting features that TurkPrime has to offer. It gives me great satisfaction in helping researchers and helping in the process of advancing science.

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