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Fully Managed MTurk Study

Completely Funded with your TurkPrime Lab Balance, and uses the TurkPrime Requester account

Panel Service

  • MTurk Requester account not required (studies are run using the TurkPrime MTurk Requester account)
  • TurkPrime manages all communication with Workers
  • Payment is made to TurkPrime (and not Amazon MTurk)
  • This is a paid service and is not included in free Academic Pricing

Study Settings

Title of the survey that will be displayed to workers
A description of your survey
The URL of your survey
Query String Parameters
TurkPrime will add the following query string parameters to your URL so you can take advantage of them in your data collection. The parameters are: workerId, assignmentId, and hitId.
  • workerId-The MTurk Worker ID
  • assignmentId-A unique ID that Amazon generates for a worker taking your HIT
  • hitId-The ID of your HIT
For example, if your Survey Link is, we will add the above parameters to the URL, so the final URL might look like You can then take advantage of these parameters by setting up Qualtrics Embedded Data

Please note that TurkPrime will automatically approve participants based on the completion code that you select below. Your completion code will need to be either a Dynamic Code or a Fixed Code.
Secret Completion Code that workers must enter to complete the HIT. (Alphanumeric characters excluding numbers 1, 0 and letters I, O, l)

Note: Your External Secret Completion Code must be prominently displayed on the last page of your survey and without ANY punctuation before or after it like this:
Secret Completion Code: AJFHBG897
Setup for Qualtrics
  1. Create or Edit a Survey
  2. Click on "Survey Options"
  3. In the Survey Termination Section: Click on Custom end of survey message...
  4. If you have a Secret Key option that you previously created Select it and you are done/
    Otherwise, Click New Message
  5. Enter Secret Key in the Description field. (Next time you can select this message.)
  6. Click the Source button
  7. Paste the following text exactly into the window as shown

    <iframe src='' width='100%' height='200'></iframe>

  8. Click Save

Advanced Options

This name is not displayed to Workers
Email addresses to update you on your HIT's launch and completion (up to 5 emails)
Maximum time allowed for a Worker to complete the HIT
(Optional) It is best to include instructions on your survey landing page. Nevertheless, you may include custom instructions to display to workers.

Standard instructions that workers should follow the hyperlink and submit a secret code (if set) are always included and will follow the custom instructions, if specified.
Keywords associated with your HIT

Worker Qualifications

Note Regarding HIT Approval Rate
When you set HIT Approval Rate (e.g. 80-100%) TurkPrime automatically sets Number of HITs Approved to be at least 100 since MTurk assigns an Approval Rate of 100% to Workers who have completed less than 100 HITs (MTurk API Reference).
HIT Approval Rating: 90-1000000%
Worker needs to have completed between 100-1,000,000 HITS

US Region Targeting will remove all other country and state locations that were selected on the "Worker Requirements" tab
Will prevent multiple responses from the same IP address (more details)
(more details)
Amazon Worker IDs are anonymized and replaced with TurkPrime Worker IDs which can be used on TurkPrime to Include/Exclude Workers etc.
Workers whose IP addresses are not consistent with your country location settings will be blocked from taking your study.

Will not store IP addresses for the study
(will disable Block Duplicate IP Addresses)
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