TurkPrime Classroom Tools

Bring the Power of TurkPrime Into Your Classroom

Access to Participants
Access to Mechanical Turk participants
Over 100,000 profiled Mechanical Turk participants
Access over 20 million participants from market research panels
Data quality verified in peer-reviewed literature
Census matching to the US population, in terms of age, gender, US region, education, race, and political affiliation
Samples from non-US countries, including Australia, Europe, and Asia
Research Tools
Excluding participants from simultaneously running or past studies on MTurk and other platforms
Robust longitudinal study management on MTurk and other platforms
Bulk emails, bonuses and communication on MTurk and other platforms
Privacy protection on Mechanical Turk and other platforms
Highly flexible research toolkit for research on MTurk with dozens of tools
Teaching Tools
Administrative tools. Differential read/write access for beginner, advanced students, faculty and administrators
Student and administrator accounts
Easy allocation of funds to student accounts
Track how students use funds
Comprehensive reporting and accounting
Administrator Dashboard to view all students' project activity at a glance
Student collaboration tools for multi-student projects

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