Powerful TurkPrime Toolkit

The TurkPrime Tookit is built on the power of Amazon Mechanical Turk to help researchers get the most out of their Mechanical Turk (MTurk) account. The TurkPrime Toolkit, adopted by over 1000 major universities and research labs, helps researchers run studies intuitively while accessing powerful, research critical and time saving features for running MTurk studies.

Feature TurkPrime Amazon Mechanical Turk
Launch a HIT
Stop a HIT
Modify HIT
Run Longitudinal Studies
Include/Exclude Workers from Previous Studies
Include/Exclude Specific Workers
Restart Study to Increase Sample Size More Info
MicroBatch Studies
Full Demographic Panels
Bulk Bonus Workers
Email Workers in Bulk
Custom Worker Groups
Auto approve based on a Fixed Completion Code
Auto approve based on a Dynamic Completion Code
Median Completion Time (more accurate than mean)
Study Acceptance Rate
Study Completion Rate
HyperBatch Studies
Block Duplicate IP Addresses
Verify Country by IP
Anonymize Worker Ids
Survey Groups
Study Advice and Helpline
Naiveté Settings
Classroom Integration
Collaboration Tools